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Plans & Pricing

Every massage is customized according to your needs.

60 Minute


$95  | Subscription

+$40 | Mobile Massage

75 Minute


$110  | Subscription

+$40 | Mobile Massage

90 Minute


$125 | Subscription

+$40 | Mobile Massage

120 Minute


$160  | Subscription

+$40 | Mobile Massage

Couples Massages

60 Minute

$120 per person

$100  | Subscription

75 Minute

$140 per person

$115  | Subscription

90 Minute

$160 per person

$130 | Subscription

120 Minute

$200 per person

$170  | Subscription


$10% off
Senior Discount

$20 off
Referral Discount

Massage Packages

Includes 4 massage credits per month. Any unused credits roll-over to next month.


60 Minute Massage

Save $20


75 Minute Massage

Save $25


90 Minute Massage

Save $30


120 Minute Massage

Save $40


Add any of these enhancements to your next service for an additional fee.

Hot Stone Massage Upgrade


Hot Stone Massage may have originated from the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda thousands of years ago in India. It’s a type of massage that integrates Swedish massage. The therapist works with heated stones that are placed in varying positions on the body and used as a massage tool to melt muscle tension.

Black Spa Stones

All Subscriptions Include:

20% Off Enhancements

Get 20% any massage enhancement add-on like CBD, or Hot Stone.

10% Discount on In-Home Services

Don't feel like coming in? Get a discount on a Mobile Massage.

Roll-Over Massage Credits

Your massage credits will roll-over if you can't make it on a certain month.

Share Rollover Credit With Family Member

Have a few credits to spare? Share your rolled over credit with a family member.

10% Off Gift Certificates

Gift a massage to someone who needs it, at a discounted rate.

Complimentary Birthday Add-On

Discounted On-Demand Massages

Enjoy one complimentary massage enhancement during your birthday month.

Did you use up your monthly credit already but need another massage fix? Schedule an extra session at a discounted rate.

Swedish Massage
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