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Certified Massage Therapist

About Roxana Torres

Roxana Torres, owner of Spirit & Body Work, graduated from Hands on Healing Institute in 2014 with an emphasis on myofascial release technique. She chose to become a certified massage therapist after experiencing the positive effects of bodywork while recovering from a work injury. Shortly thereafter, her journey began to unfold in the healing arts.

What sets Roxana apart from other massage therapists is that she is empathic, creative, knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate, and intentional by nature. She makes sure to listen to her clients and takes appropriate action to achieve tangible results. As a massage therapist her understanding comes from a sense of movement and flow, with the intention to be creative. Her unique style incorporates Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Thai, Reflexology, and Reiki. She received additional training in Arizona for what has become her passion in Hot/Cold Stone Massage, called Stonedancing.

Her method of treating pain or chronic tightness is to discuss with the clients how each area of concern requires a specific and customized approach. She integrates techniques ranging from western therapeutic bodywork to eastern healing methodologies rooted in energy balancing.

What she loves most about her work is assisting clients on a profound level both physically and emotionally. Her purpose is to bring clients a sense of relief from stress on their bodies caused by pain, trauma, and stiffness.

Roxana believes in the power of massage and the impact it has on overall health. She is passionate about what she does and realizes her techniques can be creative and artistic.

The human body is a work of art! Each massage is completely unique.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Spirit and Body Work is to provide a deep healing experience for the human spirit with compassion, insight, and restore alignment between the body and mind connection.

Our Core Values

Passion:  We believe the heart, body, mind, and soul connection is everything. We are devoted to serving the greater good of humanity with purpose and love. We are transparent when building trust with our clients.

Compassion:  We believe embracing diversity with empathy is to better understand ourselves. We are committed to developing self-awareness and creating intuitive connections with our clients.

Growth:  We believe growth is a healing process. We are committed to holding space for transformation. We are sympathetic when working with anyone who is going through challenges.

Image by Bekir Dönmez
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